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Changing the Qlik Server name after taking a snapshot of AWS slice

Need some help in understanding the process to update the snapshot of a Qlik Sense AWS instance with different server name. Our team planning to take a
snapshot of the Qlik Server after every release to have a separate environment in case of any changes are required on the old version. As a part of this
process we took a snapshot of our QlikSever mounted on AWS instance. We are facing problem when we turn on both current and snapshots at once
as Qlik server name is same in both the slices.
Is it possible to change the Qlik server name on the snapshot version?. If possible what are all the changes we need to do?.

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I can't speak to the AWS side of things, however you will find it will not be as simple as changing the server name. Qlik Sense is configured to run on that specific computer name. If you change it, you will have a handful of errors.

Here is a document on what you will have to do.

Usually when we do "lift and shift"s, it is easier to back up the Qlik repository, apps and data and move just those to a new server. Less error prone than mounting an image and trying to change all the settings to make it work as a new box.

Also, note that you will have to apply a new license as well. 

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We tried in single node case in AWS and the steps described in https://qliksupport.force.com/articles/000014456?_ga=2.36730976.1919833054.1568668402-1275552913.155... is actually working. Thanks a lot for the information!