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Parsing an array of outputs in Qlikview using SSE for Python (3rd order Polynomial)

Hey there,

I'm currently experimenting with Server Side Extensions in Qlikview using the following code:  https://github.com/qlik-oss/server-side-extension

I was doing an example with a 3rd order polynomial as while you can get a trendline for this in view you can't access the underlying equation in order to use it for predictions.  I've attached a QVW of what I've done which works fine (see image below). 

The issue is that when I get the result back from python it's in an array and so you'll see in the app that I fetch each coefficient and place it in a variable and then use those variables in my expression.  This is pretty inefficient though because I have to call python for each coefficient. 

I then tried joining all of the outputs in the array into a single string but the SSE wasn't happy with this as I was using ScriptAggr.  If I switch to ScriptAggrStr, it also fails because it wants the inputs to be strings.

Is there not a better way to do this than what I'm doing now?  i.e. pass in two columns and then make a 3rd order polynomial prediction?


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