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Qlik server fails to connect to my SSE plugin(Running R)

Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to connect my qlik sense server to my server side extension running R. I've followed the guide from:


I have set up the SSE-R server to connect with my Rserve running on the same server succesfully. I have added the analytic connection on the Qlik server on the same server pointing to the locally-ran sse-r server running on 50051 through the QMC (and settings.ini). Theoretically, everything should run okay after restarting the qlik engine service.

However, the engine has produced a SSE_ENGINE log within the trace folder that specifies that it has failed to connect to the locally run sse server. It is giving me an error code 14 with 'failed to initialize gRPC communication for SSEPlugin <my_plugin_name>.

For good measure, I have also opened ports (50051) and all the regular ports used by qlik are added as allowed connections within my firewall but it still produces the same error.

Does anyone have any potential ideas on why it is failing to establish the connection to the SSE server and any ways I could remedy this?

I need a bit more information on what error code 14 is and the 'failed to initialize gRPC communication' line isn't enough. I need a more detailed explanation.

Kind Regards,

Varun Parmar