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Using AAI for Write Back

Would it be possible to use an engine such as Python or R to send variables from Qlik sense (which have been input by a front end user with the variable extension) to the external engine which would then create a csv data point which could appended to an existing csv? This would allow Qlik sense users to add rows to the current app. My main question is this: how often is data sent back and forth between the external engine and QIX? If I write a script to save one row of a csv, will it duplicate that row and how many times? For example if added this as a measure to a

KPI R.ScriptEvalStr('table <- read.csv("table.csv");

                                  table <- rbind(table,read.csv(text = q$csv));

                                  write.csv(table, file = "table.csv");',

'Field1,Field2,DateAdded'&Chr(13)&  vField1Input&','&vField2Input&','&Date(floor(Today()),'MM/DD/YYYY') as csv)

how many rows would be appended to table.csv?

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