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Installing R with Qlik Sense.pdf

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Installing R with Qlik Sense.pdf

This document contains step-by-step instructions and best practices for installing and configuring R in order to get started using Qlik Sense Advanced Analytics Integration with R.


@Dan English

Just a small correction needed to one of the path in this document.

the R installation path has a space in between(R\ R-3.4.1) which created a issue for me while installing.

In document  - C:\R\ R-3.4.1

Corrected -      C:\R\R-3.4.1

New Contributor II

Hello, first of all, thank you for the great guide. I have an issue tough in the chapter 6.

I copy the files to the recommend folder but this error shows up:

Loading config file Rserv.cfg

Failed to find config file Rserv.cfg

R_HOME must be set in the environment or Registry

Will try to find a solution and update this if so.


I have created the environment R_HOME with the path and created an empty Rserv.cfg file and it now executes as expected, although still gives a warning about the RServ.cfg


New Contributor III

Good day, thank you for the documentation. I am a Sense admin with questions.

Does this work in a Sense Multi-Node environment? A lot of tools seem to be documented / written from the standpoint of an All-In-One system. If it does work in a multi-node environment, which nodes need to have the R software running? I have the software successfully deployed (based on the guides) on the central node in my environment, however my developers receive an error when testing this using the "Advanced analytic toolbox" extension objects.

To quote my developers:

To test the toolbox, I did a Two-Sample T-Test selecting MRN as dimension, sum(ChargeAmount) as Measure 1, and sum(DynamicAllowedAmount) as Measure 2. The chart displayed an error: “Error occurred when retrieving data from R.”

I also tried an R script in the measure expression on a table: =R.ScriptEvalStr('paste(q$DepartmentName);' ,DepartmentName) It didn’t work as it did not recognize R.ScriptEvalStr as a valid function.

Thank you for your time.


New Contributor III

Hi Team,

Does this work in a Sense Multi Node Environment September 2017 or November 2017.

If I upgrade from Sep 2017 to Nov 2017. Do i have to update the R patches also or it is included.


Sundarraj R


Can anyone confirm if this method will work with R & R Serve installed on a separate Linux server?

Thanks Stuart


Hi, Can anyone help with me steps to install/configure SSE with QlikSense.

There is no mention on steps to do this. I went to the github link and downloaded the SSE protocol. But I cannot see the exe file.

Please help!


Hi Dan,

thank you very much for this guide it is very clear. I have an issue when I am installing Rserve. The package seems to be installed in a good way but when I test it by typing "library(Rserve)" I got the following error:

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘Rserve’ in FUN(X[], ...):

no such symbol run_Rserve in package C:/R/R-3.4.1/library/Rserve/libs/x64/Rserve.dll

Do you know what can I do to fix this?



New Contributor III

deh‌ ,

I've made this tutorial on how to install.

If you want, you can share in your page.


Video Tutorial on How to Install Qlik Sense Advanced Analytics Toolbox and SSR R Plugin



This is great. Thanks


Tushar Sharma

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