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AAI With R - Learning Exercises.pdf

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AAI With R - Learning Exercises.pdf

This document contains step-by-step exercises designed to introduce the concept of building out Qlik Sense files that call out to R via the SSEtoRserve open source connector.

In order to do these exercises you must first have R installed and configured as per this document: Installing R with Qlik Sense.pdf.

Here are the data source files for use with these exercises:

And here are the finished example QVF files for the exercises:


Thanks Dan for the post very useful.. Can we have similar example with Python?

Valued Contributor

Is there any document for Qliksense and Python integration?

Contributor III

Very Useful. Thanks

New Contributor II

A python integration would be very helpful. If you guys know any tutorial about the same please point it out to me.



Contributor II

Hi deh,

great post. I have a question: in the Iris example, why does the graph crash if I use as a dimension a text variable ("iris species") rather than "observation"? Clearly I've decreased the number of cluster to 1.

Here the error in the SSEtoRServeclust.PNG

I decided to transplant the problem in R.

Here my code:

data <- read.table("yourpath\\Iris.csv",sep=",",header=TRUE)


data <- data[,2:6]


#  grouping


data <- ddply(data,



        sepal.length = mean(sepal.length),

        sepal.width = mean(sepal.width),

        petal.length = mean(petal.length),

        petal.width = mean(petal.width)


# it does not work: the error is the same of the SSEtoRServe


# it works!


So it seems that R use also the iris species in the kmeans, if you  do not remove it.

This imply this question: is it possible that in your script that colours the point in Qlik, the function takes also the numbers of the observation as a variable used for the kmeans? Clearly this is terrible, also because it takes it implicitly.

Also, how could you make it work?

EDIT: working on data in R without using the observation as measure (like in Qlik Sense), the result is the same.


The question is: how can I make it work with the species as dimension? I cannot understand why it does not work.

Thanks in advance.

New Contributor II

Found this article to be very useful

New Contributor II

Very usefull !

Thanks Dan

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