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QMC can't load document with R code

Hi everyone,

I'm having some troubles loading / reloading the document via QMC. It runs successfully in Desktop, and it calls the proper R code and everything runs smoothly, although I can't run it on QMC.

My Qlikview version is 12, I've tested the connections, settings, etc. and I can run the app in Desktop, just not in QMC.

Does anyone have an idea why? Is it necessary to set something else?

The error is the following:

(Information) 11-04-2018: 13:17:18 0104 SET RScript = 'C:......\01.Scripts\GoogleQuery\GA_Query_Qlik.R'

(Information) 11-04-2018: 13:17:18 Error: Unexpected token: '(', expected one of: ',', ':', 'OPERATOR_PLUS', 'OPERATOR_MINUS', 'OPERATOR_MULTIPLICATION', 'OPERATOR_DIVISION', 'OPERATOR_STRING_CONCAT', ...

(Information) 11-04-2018: 13:17:18 Execution Failed

(Information) 11-04-2018: 13:17:18 Execution finished.

For me it seems that QMC can't detect the R code, since I had the same problem with I tried to run the application without the Rserve and SSE being online.

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Re: QMC can't load document with R code

Hi @fredericobarrac 

Have you checked the following article?

QlikView: QMC reload task failed because it can't connect to SSE plugin

Kind regards.

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