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Qlik AAI Load Script Example - R (Qlik Sense and QlikView)


Qlik AAI Load Script Example - R (Qlik Sense and QlikView)

This brief document and attached files are intended to get you up and running with a simple example, a template, using Advanced Analytics Integration (AAI) in Qlik load script. Included are Qlik Sense and QlikView examples.  The use case is scoring of a data set using an advanced algorithm in R during a data load.

UPDATE: There's an newer version of the example to highlight a capability first introduced in Qlik Sense February 2018.  That is whole table processing between Qlik and other engines via AAI.  The new example is based on this initial one posted in September 2017 and uses R as well.  See it here:  Qlik AAI Load Script Example - R v2 (Qlik Sense)‌.

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Many thanks for this re-usable example !

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