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Qlik AAI Python


hoping someone can help me here with setting up the AAI with Python on QlikSense Desktop.

I'm trying to get the following two examples running:

1.Qlik Branch

2. Qlik Branch

Everything seems to work with the setup with the server running and the new capabilities added but when opening the example apps I do not get the calculated values (i.e. prediction scores, model accuracies etc.)

So far I have:

-Installed Python 3.6.3 x64

-Installed the required packages

-Added  SSEPlugin=SSEPython,localhost:50055;SEEPython,localhost:50072 to my settings.ini

- ran from the command prompt the python files from the folders

Any ideas what I could have got wrong here?



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Re: Qlik AAI Python

Hi Tajana,

Did you correct below function call of example qvf?

PythoneSentiment.Sentiment(text, 'all') -> SSEPython.Sentiment(text, 'all')

If you didn't, you should add to your settings.ini this line only - SSEPlugin=PythoneSentiment,localhost:50055

And don't forget to add blank line.

Steve Kang.