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Qlik Integration with Python


Actually, I made an Application the gives the report of defective items and their reasons for a defect in form of an excel sheet.

That Application is made in "python" and at the end, I want to use that excel sheet and provide a dashboard of the data using qlik.

So is there any way to integrate the qlik with my application. SO I don't have to load manually by myself. the report will generate automatically.



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Re: Qlik Integration with Python

Hi Shubham

Well you can use Qlik Advanced Analytics Integration to process your data on Python server and then further load the data to Qlik.

Check this out : Introducing Qlik Advanced Analytics Integration


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Re: Qlik Integration with Python

Hello Shubham,

The primary reason one would want to integrate a python application into QlikSense is so that Users can interact with the python application from Qlik's U.I.

For example: You want a dashboard to display python calculations, based on a user's inputs. The inputs get passed back to the Python application and get calculated, and return to alter your visualizations.

If that is what you need I would refer to Sushants links.

To me it sounds like you are using python to create a report in excel and just want that data to display in QlikSense. You could create a file connection in a directory. Then have the Python script update the excel file in the directory, schedule a reload based on your needs, etc.

Hope this helps