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Qlikview With R Script...

Dear Experts,

I have some doubts on Integrating Qlikview with R.

1.Please explain how to integrate Qlik with R , Please give some Example QVW files..

2.Where I can write R scripts in Qlikview.. (How to view R Scripts based output.)

Thanks in advance

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Re: Qlikview With R Script...


I would recommend you to take a look at the SSE documentation and examples (specifically for R) found on Github: https://github.com/qlik-oss/sse-r-plugin

If you're not familiar with SSE (Server-Side Extension, also a part of Qlik Advanced Analytic Integration concept) I would start by looking at the documentation and guides found here: https://github.com/qlik-oss/server-side-extension

I hope this helps!

Regards, Josefine