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Set analysis in AAI formulas

Hi community,

as my first post ever on the Qlik Community, I was wondering whether and how set modifiers (as well as the "total" qualifier) can be used in conjunction with the AAI formulas (e.g. R.ScriptAggr).

Image, for instance, a barchart using [Field 1] as a dimension and a measure where this dimension needs to be ignored - e.g. to display a % of total:

sum([Field X]) / sum([Field X] total <[Field 1]>)

The numerator and denominator are hence essentially the same, only that the latter ignores the barchart's dimension. The equivalent of the numerator, using AAI, would be something like:

R.ScriptAggrEx( 'N',

'sum(q$FieldX, na.rm = TRUE);'

    ,num("Field X") as FieldX


However, how could one specify the 'total' in the R.Scriptxxx formulas? Or is it simply not possible (yet), and if so, can we expect such feature in the future?