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Qlik DataMarket FAQ


Qlik DataMarket FAQ

What is Qlik DataMarket?

Qlik DataMarket is a cloud-based Data as a Service offering (DaaS) with a wide range of data, ready for use with Qlik products. Example of data sets are

  • currencies
  • weather
  • demographic data etc

Qlik DataMarket is provided using a Freemium model, with limited number of data sets available for free, and additional data sets provided through a subscription model.

Connectivity to Qlik DataMarket is embedded into Qlik Sense and as a stand-alone connector for QlikView.

How will Qlik DataMarket be licensed?

Qlik DataMarket is licensed through a separate License key and control number inside the Qlik Sense Management Console.

A limited set of data will be available for free and additional data sets can be bought, using a subscription model, through QlikBuy.

It will not be possible to license Qlik DataMarket packages (such as Essentials Package) in Qlik Sense Desktop. Only free data sets will be available in Qlik Sense Desktop.

Is it possible to preview data without a subscription?

Yes, it is possible to preview limited data from a licensed data set, without a paid subscription. However it is not possible to connect and download data to your app.

What happens to data in an app if subscription lapses?

If a subscription lapses it will no longer be possible to receive updated data. However data already stored in the data model will still be available for use within the app.

Is Qlik DataMarket only available for Qlik Sense?

Qlik DataMarket is a bundled feature in Qlik Sense 2.0, so no additional installation is required, although a separate license may be required.

For QlikView a separate custom connector is required, which is expected to be released later in 2015.

Can Qlik DataMarket be used outside of Qlik products?

Currently it's not possible to use Qlik DataMarket to feed into third party products.

Is it required to have a live internet connection to use Qlik DataMarket?

Yes, as Qlik DataMarket is provided as a cloud-based data service, internet access is required when updating / reloading data.

Qlik Apps already populated with data does not require internet access, unless the data needs to be updated.

How is data transferred from Qlik DataMarket?

Data is fetched from Qlik DataMarket's cloud service using encrypted https communication

Where is data physically stored in Qlik DataMarket?

Qlik DataMarket is hosted on Amazon AWS instances and data is stored in locations around the globe.

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