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QlikView 11.20 - 12.10 Upgrade Overview

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QlikView 11.20 - 12.10 Upgrade Overview


der‌ thanks for the doc, just to clarify a few things if you could elaborate.

  1. Page 5 "Folder structures must be identical"
    • if I am not wrong this is talking about if upgrade to a different machine, the folder structure need to keep the same as old installation?
  2. Page 9 "I won’t be able to upgrade before the end of 2017. Who can I talk to?"
    • I am not sure if consulting can do anything after software version out of support. Possible you mean extend support service customer need to discuss?
  3. Page 9 "I am currently using SharePoint Webparts, what should I do now?"
    • Is there any difference between integration SharePoint Webparts when upgrade from 11.20 to 12.10? Or if this is only talking about the LEF file need to enable the workbench integration? 

Waiting your reply. Thank you.




Hi Wallace,

  1. For a migration, the folder structures should be identical for tasks to execute the same in both environments. The RSM is a good tool to use in the event this is not possible, and also don’t forget Consulting Services can be engaged for complex scenarios. The reason this is important is because a task will reference other files/data sources in order to execute, and also potentially store additional files to a predefined location in the load script. If this is altered in a new environment, it could adversely impact task execution unless mitigated.
  2. If it is a resource constraint, Consulting Services could help fill in any gaps and help expedite an upgrade project. If a support extension is needed, please reach out to the account manager.
  3. Webparts will not work with QV 12.x as it has been deprecated. Workbench will need to be used with <div> tag integration for SharePoint.



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