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QlikView 11 Developer Tutorial - part 2

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QlikView 11 Developer Tutorial - part 2

Data from websites

Clean Data

In this example, we show how to download and extract data from a website when the data is clean and you don't need to manipulate it.

Watch the video at full resolution

Download and use the files

Download the tutorial files used in this part of the tutorial.

How to use the downloaded files:

1. Unzip the file to a folder.

2. Open the qvw file in QlikView.

3. Look at the load script in the editor to see how the example works.

Accessing the rest of the tutorial

Click to access the rest of the QlikView Developer Tutorial

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You should be aware of QlikView versions and key.

When i am opening this file QlikView is asking me for assign a key because a sample file is not recognized as one of my own.

Link of webpage should be provided too.

Anyway, thank you for tutorials.

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Thank you very much


When I try and use the URL listed by Ahmed Bilal above I only get one table...not 2 tables...like he says in the video. The second one that he wants me to use isn't there???...Couldn't we try and have a simpler example to start with instead of trying to create this mega-application right from the get go?

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Don't open web page. Just copy paste the link given by Ahmed.

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The link it's longer working, I get this error on the web "Something unexpected has occurred. Please notify reis@bea.gov." when I download a qvw file and open it, there are no any data to display as well.

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