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QlikView 11 Developer Tutorial - part 4

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QlikView 11 Developer Tutorial - part 4

Data from websites

Data cleansing

Sometimes, data has unwanted extra characters or other unwanted features. This video shows how data from websites can be cleansed using QlikView.

Watch the video at full resolution

Download and use the files

Download the tutorial files used in this part of the tutorial.

How to use the downloaded files:

1. Unzip the file to a folder.

2. Open the qvw file in QlikView.

3. Look at the load script in the editor to see how the example works.

Accessing the rest of the tutorial

Click to access the rest of the QlikView Developer Tutorial

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The sample file is different what is being shown in the video.

Sample QV file load data from xls (excel file) where as in video, data is being loaded from a website. Please correct this.

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Full resolution version no longer exists at link "Watch the video at full resolution".

Its on Data from websites: cleansing dirty data - YouTube


Thank you for providing a link to the sample used, Pachipalaravi.

The document itself is still valid to this day.

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