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Tips: Publisher folder location


Tips: Publisher folder location

"When using Published QVWs, never set your Source Document folder and your Root folder to the same location as it erases the script of your QVWs so that they can never be reloaded a second time.”

/Troy Raney, Technical Support Engineer & Team Mentor

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I would not say "never set". I have been working with Publisher for many months with the Source Documents folder and Root folder in the same location, and reloading tasks worked fine as well as before Publisher was installed, without any script loss. The point is not to distribute to the same folder and leave in blank the Publisher task "Distribute" tab options and just schedule a reload.

The typical use of Publisher is to define different folders for Source Documents and Root in order to reload in the first and distribute in the second, but if you still want to work with a single Documents folder, it is possible to do it properly if you never distribute to this folder and just reload, otherwise the script will be lost as exposed above.


You are correct. It is the distribution that will erase the script of documents. This is just a tip so that people will avoid making such a simple and damaging mistake. We are planning on building an automated warning message into the product to alert users when these locations are set to the same location.

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