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Tips: QlikView Single Sign-On Account


Tips: QlikView Single Sign-On Account

"Registering for the download of the Personal Edition is not the same as creating a Single Sign-On Account. For a Single Sign-On, please sign up here."

/Tanja Woldenga, Qoncierge

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I thinks is the same unless you request higher access level.


Hello Emmanuelle

No it’s not the same.

Registering your information to be able to download the QlikView software is not the same as registering for a Single Sign on Account with Qlik.com.

When registering for the download the user does NOT create a username and does NOT receive a password for his username. No Single Sign-On Account is created when registering for the download.

On the other hand when someone registers for a Single Sign-On Account (via Qlik.com > Login > Not registered?) they create a username and then get an email with a password. With these credentials they are then able to access the recourses on Qlik.com. The extensiveness of the access to Qlik.com is then dependent on the access rights connected to the user.

Hope this clarifies things further.

Best regards


Yeah I got it, the details was I always tried the sign in link instead "Fill Form".


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