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Upgrading QlikView Server may restart disabled services


Upgrading QlikView Server may restart disabled services

Doing an upgrade of QlikView Server will put all installed QlikView services into Startup Type = Automatic, causing the services to start on next reboot, although previously configured to be disabled.


This may lead to undesirable results in situations where all services has been installed, although not required. One scenario is when setting up a cluster, doing a full installation of QlikView Server on each node and later disabling the QlikView Management Service on each node, except the main node in the cluster.

It is recommended to only install services required on each node in the cluster, using a custom installation, rather than disabling installed services.

In case of having QlikView services set to Startup Type = Disabled, make sure they are configured properly after an upgrade to prevent undesirable results on next reboot.

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Good info for cluster Environments.


From what I know, disabled should not be impacted, if anything the opposite should occur, the upgrade may fail given the service is disabled, which prevents the installer from making any changes to the service etc.  If the setting is Manual, then I can see the service getting reset to Automatic on an upgrade, but not Disabled from what I have seen.


According to bug 51957, Automatic is the default value and will remain the default value after applying patches. Upgrades operate the same way, as a Disabled service will also be set to "Automatic" after upgrading.

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