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Communication between QlikView services – Troubleshooting server communication issues

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Certificates trust issues between services in a QlikView installation
  • Common communication issues between services across domains, DMZ and /or clustered environments

For best viewing, we recommend you set the highest video resolution.

Q&A - Communication between QlikView services – troubleshooting server communication issues

Q: Is this different is we use IIS or QV Webserver?

A: Yes, there are a few differences, but usually it is a matter of preference. Naturally we are in favor of our own product, but IIS adds more configurations options and is easier to integrate with customized authentication. See more in the Server Reference Manual, page 27 https://d1cf4w4kkla6tb.cloudfront.net/qlikview/11.20/12742/QlikView%20Server%20Reference%20Manual_EN... . QlikView WebServer can send information to both nodes of a QVS cluster, while IIS needs to set one of the QVS nodes to direct traffic towards.

Q: Can we get this presentation? It's very useful for trouble shooting

A: See the recording above.

Q:Is it necessary to have Clustered directory in Clustered environments?

A: The Directory Service Connector does not need to be clustered per se, resource-wise it doesn’t use much and the service is only used when accessing documents or logging in. However if the whole server would go down where you have a DSC, it might be an idea to add more DSC on other nodes.

Q: My jobs are getting failed due to some cross domain users are not found but its success for few users. Any idea on this?

A: I would advise you to file a support case for this to be looked in to. Generally – ensure that the domains have a full trust between them and you can search for users and computers within Windows itself before trying it in QlikView.

Q: What does "trust between domains" mean?

A: A trust is a relationship established between domains that enables users in one domain to be authenticated by a domain controller in the other domain. It is two environments on an equal level exchanging information.

Q: Is QV Webserver required if we already have IIS ?

A: No, but for the QlikView services to communicate with IIS you need to have the QlikView Settings Service installed. The QlikView Settings Service and QlikView WebServer cannot run at the same time; however you may have IIS installed and run QlikView WebServer at the same time, as they support “port-sharing”. Generally it is a best practice to not have anything else running than a specific role (e.g. QlikView) on a server.

Q: If one is Custom directory and another one LDAP can we use both the Directory?

A: If they are using the same type of authentication, yes. Active Directory uses NTLM for instance, but Custom Directory uses headers. You might need two WebServers then, one to each directory.

Q: If Qlik Sense and QlikView is installed in same machine, how can communication is setup to run the same?

A: We do not support Qlik Sense Server and QlikView Server to be installed on the same machine.

Q: Is it mandatory to install IIS To publish apps on internet or we can do that with QV Webserver also ?

A: To publish documents to users it doesn’t matter which webserver you use. However if you’d like to use our software publicly online, you need an IAS license. See page 87 of the Server Reference Manual: https://d1cf4w4kkla6tb.cloudfront.net/qlikview/11.20/12742/QlikView%20Server%20Reference%20Manual_EN... and contact your Account Manager for more information.