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Troubleshooting general connectivity issues 03/14

QlikView may at times run into different types of connectivity issues. But in the end there are a lot of other components that also needs to be taken into account as the data source itself, the driver, network, resources on the hosting machines etc. The purpose of this session is to give insights into some of the common issues and how to start troubleshooting to narrow down the possible root causes.


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Q&A - Troubleshooting general connectivity issues

Q: Does turning on the document logging increase load time on large data sets?

A: No, nothing that you would notice. The document log generates a small amount of logged rows, therefore it won’t have any negative performance impact. 

Q: What do you prefer OLEDB or ODBC, if you can choose

A: That depends. Some ODBC drivers are faster/more stable for certain DMBS vendors and vice versa.

Q: Is there any way to trace from OleDB like you do for ODBC?

A: I haven’t found a simple trace functionality as you have for all ODBC drivers. I personally haven’t tried to trace OLEDB connections but as it seems it should be possible to do that but isn’t as straight forwards as with ODBC. For instance, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc765421.aspx describes how to setup OLEDB tracing for SQLServer 2008