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Digital Support

Date: 13-March-2020 


Hello Qlik Users,

I joined the Qlik Global Support organization in July 2020 after 20 years+ in the software industry and Customer Success. My goal is to make sure that our products and Services are delivering value according to your expectations. Our intent is to support you in your journey with Qlik from getting started to your first outcome and future outcomes. 

Our vision is that we better leverage our skills and knowledge to improve your journey so that you are getting the information you need from us when and where you need it. 

I’d like to offer regular communication so you understand our effort to continuously improve your journey and you can give us feedback on our direction and how we are doing with our objectives.  

The Qlik Global Support organization took a step back during the 2019 Summer to reflect on the way we provide support. We realized our customers have different expectations based on the current social B2C experience. We also realized our user base has evolved from primarily the baby boomer generation to include more millennials. Through the ‘Voice of the Customer’ programLuminaries and customer comments on support surveys, we have been looking at what this organization should look like to meet our customer expectations and modernize our support offering 

To improve the support process, we developed the following objectives: 


Our Mission 

Qlik Support is part of the Customer Success organization and contributes to our customer success mission that we define as: 

Customer Success = Customer Outcome + Customer Experience 

Our mission in Customer Success is driving your successful outcomes at every step of your journey. 

Here is how Global Support will contribute to your success: 

  • In addition to our existingtraditional method of logging cases in the support portal, we want to evolve our services and be more proactive in addressing your support needs. That will include creating more content that can be easily consumed through self-service - articles, videos, blogs through the Qlik Community, Qlik Support Portal and Google searches. We are redesigning your journey with self-service to make sure you find relevant content to your questions and we are investing more in our Community for QDI and QDA to ensure that all discussions are monitored and that all your inquiries are answered in a timely manner. If you want to have more details about what we do, please look at: https://www.qlik.com/us/services 
  • Getting started successfully with our product is critical for you and it is critical for us too. Your ability to achieve success with our product quickly and seamlessly is imperative and we are creating more “How to” content to get you there faster.  
  •  We have aligned our services for QDI (Qlik Data Integration – formerly Attunity) with our services for QDA (Qlik Data Analytics). The QDI team has been fully integrated and follows the same processes for escalation and case management. We recently created a new space within the Qlik Community for the QDI forums. Next up will be merging the support sites so only one portal is required. More to come on that. 
  • If you are a customer of our Partners, your success is as equally important to us. We will be developing tailored Partner content starting in May 2020 to ensure their success and ultimately your success. 



Qlik Global Support is committed to improving the quality of service provided to our customers. We will continuously evaluate the technology used on our portals (Bot, AI, Natural Language Processing, etcand implement new technologies as needed to deliver better experience. Look for additional features to come like the ability to schedule appointments with your Technical Support expert. We also plan on expanding our Spanish and Portuguese language support for the Americas.  



There is no success without passion. We have a passion about your success, your ability to achieve your outcomes in a timely manner with an enjoyable experience whether you work directly with Qlik or through our Partner community. 


Look for more information to come on our roadmap for evolving the support process to provide a better experience. We appreciate all the feedback we have received and hope you will continue to let us know how we can improve your experience. 


Best wishes,

Daniel Coullet 

Qlik – VP Customer Success