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Qlik Sense February 2019 Patch 1 now available

Hello Qlik Sense Users,

We are pleased to confirm that the latest patch for Qlik Sense February 2019 is now available on our download site. In addition to a small number of bug fixes included in this release, we have improved the responsiveness of the Qlik Sense Hub Client by improving the way security rules, database access, and hub service work together. For more details on the improvements and/or bug fixes, please review the attached release notes.

As a reminder, please follow best practices when upgrading any software and make sure you back up your system before making changes. Thank you for choosing Qlik software!

Kind Regards,
Global Support Team

1 Comment

Using qlik sense in an iframe on our app getting an issue with this release perhaps.

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin "https://qlik-dev.xxxxx" from accessing a cross-origin frame.
at Function.t [as getTenantId] (https://qlik-dev.xxxxx/webticket/resources/chunks/setup-view.3a56e8ecbc41293e2319.js:465:38950)
at Object.t [as _initQlikMetrics] (https://qlik-dev.xxxxx/webticket/resources/chunks/setup-view.3a56e8ecbc41293e2319.js:19:48836)
at https://qlik-dev.xxxxx/webticket/resources/chunks/setup-view.3a56e8ecbc41293e2319.js:19:48417


EDIT: seems qlik is aware of this per https://support.qlik.com/articles/000066125