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Qlik Sense November 2018 Patch 3 is now available

Hello Qlik Sense Users,


We are pleased to confirm that the latest patch for Qlik Sense November 2018 is available on our download site. In addition to a small number of bug fixes, November 2018 Patch 3 includes the following improvements:

  • Initial Hub access times of typically less than 5s
  • Subsequent access times will be faster
  • Stream navigation and access times of typically less than 5s, and much faster for subsequent access
  • Significant improvement when dealing with concurrent accesses

These improvements have been made possible by improving the manner in which security rules, database access and our hub service work together.  For more details on the improvements and/or bug fixes, please review the attached release notes.


As a reminder, please follow best practices when upgrading any software and make sure you back up your system before making changes. Thank you for choosing Qlik software!


Kind Regards,
Global Support Team

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Hi Qlik Team

The improvements regarding Hub Access in combination with many apps, security rules etc. in Nov. 18 SP3

Is this already part of Feb. 2019 release or will this be part of Feb. 2019 SP1?

Thanks for your feedback.


data/\bridge solutions

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Hi @alexhausmannzur 

Those fixes are not in February 2019 but they will be included in February 2019 Patch 1. 


Global Support

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Hello @Pamela_Whitney , we have tested out the P3 and we have found out  that no-one including the one who has all the privileges for HUB (all the objects in hub by default content admin) is able to see  the apps in Work stream (HUB) if it is not the owner.

  • We had only default security rules and saw in auditing that the user should see it (one node only, so no special load balancing in place)
  • With Patch 2 no issues at all. 
  • For us Patch 3 is definitely a "no go" and we would ask for fixing the bug, we cannot consider it as a feature.

Also, changing a logic of security rules evaluation is not exactly something that we would expect to be part of patch release, more like major release since it can introduce new level of re-testing everythingHUBwithP3.PNGHUBwithp3Auditing.PNGHUBwithP3QMC.PNG

Also we would greatly appreciate if this type of change was mentioned in the Version information PDF as limitation/feature. It would save us lot of time.