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The QlikView Log Collector – Beta release ( Even newer)

Here is a little Christmas present from Qlik to all the QlikView administrators out there.

 When you need to reach out to Qlik Product Support, you want your QlikView issues solved as quickly as possible. To help you to do that we have created the QlikView Log Collector. A tool that supports any version of QlikView and collects all information that Product Support needs to be able to analyze your issue.

And now we have an even fresher version called

But this Beta thing you say?

We think it’s better to get the tools out there, so we can get prompt feedback and improvement suggestions. Moving forward we will release a new version of the Qlik Cockpit that will enable you to visualize yourself the information in the zip file in a way to assist you in any troubleshooting you might do on your own systems.


 But all the information in the zip file is humanly readable so feel free to check out the contents and see what information YOU would like to have access to and tell us about it.


 We are confident that it will not break your system, but as with any software there are no guarantees, so always keep current backups and be careful.

QlikViewLogCollectorTeam.jpgWith some help from my friends