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Dear QlikView and Qlik Sense users and designers,

We would just like to draw your attention to some changes which are planned to be introduced in Qlik Sense and QlikView in upcoming releases.  Tentatively these changes will be introduced in November 2017 and Henric Cronström details the changes very nicely in the QlikView Design Blog, see post : https://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2017/09/11/quotes-in-set-analysis?et=blogs.comme....   Please read the blog post, you can also join the conversation around the changes.

Why are we doing these changes?

Today, the QIX engine has some bugs in the area of a search and a subsequent select. These affect both interactive searches and searches in Set Analysis expressions. We are working on fixing them. However, one of these coming bug fixes may cause some backward incompatibility. This post explains what the bug fix will mean, and what you can do to avoid future problems.

Will the changes break your existing documents? No, the changes are implemented in such a way that "old" documents created in earlier versions can still use the "old" search and select behavior and new documents will use the new behavior.   But a system administrator will have the opportunity to change the default behavior, full details will be provided closer to the official release of the changes.

Kind regards

Global Support Team