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A third patch is now available for the Qlik Web Connectors November 2018 release, which will be of interest to users of the following connectors: Qlik Amazon S3 Connector, Qlik Facebook Insights Connector, Qlik General Web Connector, Qlik JIRA Connector and Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector.

A third patch to the November 2018 Release is now available, which has fixes for a number of connectors, including:

  • Qlik Amazon S3 Connector - some users experiencing an issue when filenames contained either white spaces or colon characters
  • Qlik Facebook Insights Connector- the collection of page_fans_* tables stopped working, which was due in part to a change in the API. The connector has been upgraded to version 3.2 of the Facebook Insights and App Insights API, however, this has resulted in some periods for a number of tables being removed or altered, due to changes with the API.
  • Qlik General Web Connector - the maximum number of characters permitted in the header has been increased to 2,000 characters.
  • Qlik JIRA Connector - some users have experienced an authentication issue where their username wasn’t matched, resulting in an authentication failure
  • Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector - some users were prompted for admin approval required despite access already being granted .


Patch 3 addresses these issues and is available through the Qlik download site, along with it's Release Notes.


Due to the nature of some of these changes is highly recommended that you read and understand the Patch 3 Release Notes before installing.


IMPORTANT! Please also refer to the Qlik Web Connector November 2018 Release Notes regarding an extra, mandatory step when upgrading to this version. This was also noted in the QWC November 2018 blog post.