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Qlik® Subprocessors for Support Services and Qlik Cloud Services

QlikTech International AB and its affiliates (collectively, “Qlik”) may from time to time share customer data within its group companies and/or use systems hosted or provided by 3rd parties (collectively, “Subprocessors”) to best provide its Support & Cloud services.

Qlik’s Support services are predominantly performed in the customer region: EMEA – Sweden, Spain; Americas – USA; APAC – Japan, Australia, India.

Qlik’s Cloud systems also utilize 3rd party systems to best ensure a safe and high-quality Cloud service.

The purpose of this document is to inform and keep up-to-date EU/EEA/UK/Swiss Support & Cloud customers of the identities of any Subprocessors for Support services, as per Article 28 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Any new Subprocessors will be added to this document within 30 days of appointment.

Any Support data is unlikely to contain personal data given the technical nature of the services, however, in the event personal data is received, it is protected by Qlik’s IT and other security related procedures. In addition, Qlik has in place a network of data protection agreements within its company group and with relevant 3rd party system providers to ensure the lawful and safe transfer, use and protection of personal data.

For questions related to the information in this document, please contact your usual Qlik representative. This document describes Qlik’s services Data Protection/Privacy Law compliance. For Security related questions (e.g. encryption), you can find further information resources at https://help.qlik.com/.

The information in this document is accurate as of April 2019. Qlik reserves the right to amend its products and services from time to time. For any updates, please check our Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy..

Below is a current list of Subprocessors:

List of Qlik Affiliates which may receive:

  1. QlikTech International AB
  2. QlikTech International Markets AB
  3. QlikTech Nordic AB
  4. QlikTech Latam AB
  5. QlikTech Norway AS
  6. QlikTech Denmark ApS
  7. QlikTech Finland OY
  8. QlikTech France SARL
  9. QlikTech spolka z o.o (Poland)
  10. QlikTech Iberica SL (Spain)
  11. QlikTech Iberica SL (Portugal liaison office)
  12. QlikTech GmbH
  13. QlikTech GmbH (Austria branch)
  14. QlikTech GmbH (Swiss branch)
  15. QlikTech Italy S.r.l
  16. Vizubi Software Srl
  17. QlikTech Netherlands BV
  18. QlikTech Netherlands BV (Belgian branch)
  19. QlikTech Netherlands BV (Russian branch)
  20. QlikTech UK Limited (UK)
  21. DataMarket ehf. (Iceland)
  22. QlikTech Inc.
  23. DataMarket, Inc.
  24. QlikTech Japan K.K.
  25. QlikTech Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  26. QlikTech Hong Kong Limited
  27. Qlik Technology (Beijing) Limited Liability Company
  28. QlikTech India Private Limited
  29. QlikTech México S. de R.L. de C.V.
  30. QlikTech Brasil Comercialização de Software Ltda.
  31. QlikTech Australia Pty Ltd
  32. QlikTech New Zealand Limited
  33. QlikTech Corporation (Canada).
  34. Qlik Analytics (ISR) Ltd.
  35. Attunity Pty Limited (Australia)
  36. Attunity (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  37. Attunity (UK) Ltd.
  38. RoxAI Ltd.

List of 3rd party systems/services which may be used:

  1. Salesforce
  2. ServiceNow
  3. Coveo
  4. Office365
  5. Jira
  6. Google
  7. Microsoft Azure
  8. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  9. R-Systems

Updated March 2020 to include QlikTech Corporation Canada (Affiliate). Visit https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Technical-Bulletin-Blog/Qlik-Subprocessors-General-Data-Protectio... to view changes.