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Qlik Web Connectors 2.2.0 is now available on the Qlik.com download page.

The previous release of Qlik Web Connectors saw beta connectors being reintroduced and in this version some of these are now generally available and we have also added 3 new beta connectors!

This now means that there are 40 connectors available

If you're using Qlik Web Connectors 2.1.0 and either any beta connectors or standard connectors, please read the note towards the end of this post about upgrading.

The following were moved from beta to Premium connectors and will require a Qlik Web Connector LEF to continue using them:

  1. Qlik Google Search Console Connector (previously know as Qlik Google Webmaster Tools Connector)
  2. Qlik Slack Connector

The following were moved from beta to Standard connectors:

  1. Qlik Bitly Connector
  2. Qlik Box Connector
  3. Qlik OneDrive Connector

Beta connectors included are:

  1. Qlik Adobe Analytics (Ominture) Connector
  2. Qlik Amazon S3 Connector
  3. Qlik AYLIEN Connector (new!)
  4. Qlik Blue Yonder Connector
  5. Qlik GitHub Connector (new!)
  6. Qlik Google DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Connector
  7. Qlik Google Prediction Connector
  8. Qlik JIRA Connector
  9. Qlik Office 365 Sharepoint Connector
  10. Qlik SurveyMonkey Connector (new!)

Unfortunately, the Qlik Azure Data Marketplace Connector had to be removed because Microsoft have retired their Data Marketplace, meaning that there was nothing to connect to.

How to Access the Beta Connectors

There is no special 'beta' version of the Qlik Web Connectors to use, you just download the new version and you'll find them in there along with the rest of the connectors.

However, there are some very important things to note:

  • You MUST accept some additional beta terms in order to access them.
  • There's no special license to apply, so once the terms are accepted you can use all of the beta connectors.
  • In this version, the beta connectors will ALL expire on the 31st January 2018 for ALL users (around 10 months from release date)
  • There is no support and maintenance provided by Qlik for the beta connectors, instead you can seek peer assistance in the new Qlik Web Connectors' community group. So, please don't go to Qlik support for help.
  • They are beta connectors. Please don't use them in production!

Why do they Expire?

We wanted to make the beta connectors as accessible to as many Qlik users as we could, but we had to strike a balance to ensure that in the future we aren't finding beta connectors being used that have been updated many times over and/or available to subscribe to.

Hence we decided to use an expiry date. To use them past this date, just download the latest version at the time.

How the Betas Expiring Impacts the Use of Other Connectors

The beta connectors' expiry date has been set to the same expiry date already used in Qlik Web Connectors that affects those using just Standard Connectors. So, if you only use Standard Connectors, you need to update anyway.

If you subscribe to any Premium Connectors, they will continue to work up until their subscribed-to expiry date and will not be affected by the beta connectors expiring. However, if you wish to continue to use the beta connectors past their expiry date, you will still need to download the latest version at the time.

Current Users of Beta Connectors or Only Standard Connectors

As a reminder, if you are using Qlik Web Connectors 2.1.0 and either:

  • any Beta Connectors or
  • any Standard Connectors WITHOUT any Premium Connectors enabled

then these will expire on 31-May-2017, so you must upgrade to the new 2.2.0 version as soon as possible.

See here for help on upgrading.

Please see the release notes, also on the download site, for full details.

Help can be found here:


We hope you continue to enjoy using the Qlik Web Connectors and please join the new community group, where you can provide us with feedback on the product, any of the connectors, seek assistance with the beta connectors or exchange ideas and solutions with other users.


The Web Connector Team