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The Qlik Web Connectors June 2018 Release (2.44) is now available on the Qlik.com download page‌ (you need to be logged in to Qlik.com)

Along with a number of general improvements, this version has 2 beta connectors which are now generally available:

  • Qlik Amazon S3 Connector, which is a free to use Standard Connector, and
  • Qlik O365 for Sharepoint Connector, which is a Premium Connector and so will require a subscription for it's continued use.

If you're using Qlik Web Connectors November 2017 (or any of its patches) and either any beta connectors or standard connectors, please read the note towards the end of this post about upgrading.

In this release there are no new beta connectors.

If you are a Sense customer with the new Professional/Analyzer model, which includes access to all the Qlik Web Connectors, then you can now enter your Sense LEF within QWC to unlock the Premium connectors.

The QWC's MongoDB and Google BigQuery connectors have been moved into a deprecated state, because an integrated ODBC version of these connectors are now available in the Qlik platforms. Don't worry they aren't being removed immediately, but if you use these then you should consider migrating as soon as possible.

Current Users of Beta Connectors or Only Standard Connectors

As a reminder, if you are using Qlik Web Connectors November Release and either:

  • any Beta Connectors or
  • any Standard Connectors WITHOUT any Premium Connectors enabled

then these will expire on 30-Nov-2018, so you must upgrade to the new June 2018 Release (2.44.0) version before the end of November.

The new expiry date in the June 2018 Release will be 31-Mar-2019. We also maintain a schedule here.

See here‌‌ for help on upgrading.

Please see the release notes, also on the download site, for full details.

Help can be found here:


We hope you continue to enjoy using the Qlik Web Connectors and please join the new community group, where you can provide us with feedback on the product, any of the connectors, seek assistance with the beta connectors or exchange ideas and solutions with other users.


The Web Connector Team

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I cant find any web connectors on my download page. IPlease give me the direct link. Thanx!