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The May 2019 release of the Qlik Web Connectors is now available to download!

The Qlik Web Connectors May 2019 Release (v2.59.1) is now available on the Qlik.com download page‌ (you need to be logged in to Qlik.com)


Along with a number of general improvements both the GitHub and IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding connectors have been moved out of beta and are now generally available as Standard Connectors.


Being Standard Connectors mean that there is no charge to use them, nor do you require a LEF update for them.


Since the November 2018 release, there has been some potentially breaking changes to the Facebook Fan Pages Connectors due to upgrading to v3.2 of the API resulting in some table changes, (these were included in the recent patch update).


Please refer to the Release Notes for more details of these and all other changes.


Current Users of Beta Connectors or Only Standard Connectors


As a reminder, if you are using Qlik Web Connectors November 2018 release and either:

  • any Beta Connectors or
  • any Standard Connectors WITHOUT any Premium Connectors enabled


then these will expire on 30-Sept-2019, so you must upgrade to a newer version as soon as possible. We maintain a schedule here (please note the new link)


See here‌‌ for help on upgrading.


Please see the release notes, also on the download site, for full details.


Help can be found here:



We hope you continue to enjoy using the Qlik Web Connectors and please join the community group, where you can provide us with feedback on the Qlik Web Connectors, seek assistance with the beta connectors or exchange ideas and solutions with other users.


The Web Connector Team

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