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The Qlik Web Connectors November 2017 Release (2.28.2) is now available on the Qlik.com download page‌ (you need to be logged in to Qlik.com)

Along with a number of general improvements, this version has 4 new beta connectors added to the suite including:

  • Office 365 Mail/Contacts/Calendar
  • OneDrive v2 - which is enabled for OneDrive business accounts,
  • IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding for more text and sentiment analytics, and
  • for all of you desperate to better your fitness performance, there's even a Strava Connector

This now means that there are 47 connectors available

If you're using Qlik Web Connectors 2.2.0 and either any beta connectors or standard connectors, please read the note towards the end of this post about upgrading.

In this release no connectors were moved from a beta state to either Premium or Standard Connectors.

Some multi-source connectors have been split into individual connector, so for example in previous versions of the Qlik Web Connectors we had the Premium Qlik Sentiment and Text Analytics Connector, which required a subscription and corresponding LEF.

You will now see the following Premium Connectors listed, although they all share the same, single

Sentiment & Text Analytics subscription and LEF entry:

  • Qlik MeaningCloud Connector
  • Qlik Repustate Connector
  • Qlik Sentiment140 Connector

The Qlik RegEx Connector is now a free, Standard Connector

The following connectors have been split out but also deprecated:

  • Qlik Alchemy Connector
    • This has been replaced by the Qlik Watson Natural Language Understanding Connector
  • Qlik Saplo Connector

Other connectors that have been split out are the AYLIEN Connector and Mailbox Connector.

The Qlik script that has been generated using these previous connectors may need to be modified. Please refer to the Release Notes, for more information.

Current Users of Beta Connectors or Only Standard Connectors

As a reminder, if you are using Qlik Web Connectors 2.2.0 and either:

  • any Beta Connectors or
  • any Standard Connectors WITHOUT any Premium Connectors enabled

then these will expire on 31-Jan-2018, so you must upgrade to the new November 2017 Release (2.28.2) version as soon as possible.

The new expiry date in the November 2017 Release will be 30-Nov-2018.We also maintain a schedule here.

See here‌‌ for help on upgrading.

Please see the release notes, also on the download site, for full details.

Help can be found here:


We hope you continue to enjoy using the Qlik Web Connectors and please join the new community group, where you can provide us with feedback on the product, any of the connectors, seek assistance with the beta connectors or exchange ideas and solutions with other users.


The Web Connector Team


So if the version Qlik Notification Connector is being used [and no Premium Connectors] will it simply stop working on 31-Jan-2018, i.e. the end of this month ?

If I had not seen this post would it have popped up any warnings before then ?

Looking at http://help.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/Web_Connectors_help/Content/Setup-deploy/Qlik_Web_C... I see no mention of the the Qlik Notification Connector, so from that can I assume no changes to it and the upgrade to November 2017 Release (2.28.2) will be simple and transparent ?

P.s.  I love this Qlik Notification Connector and have found it very useful.


When will the update of the Qlik Web Connectors be as easy as it should be.

Please create an installer which preserves the old settings. Now we have to manually backup zip/unzip files from a zip. And merge old and existing entries. Can't believe this has to be like that.

From the help....

The old deploy.config and login.xml files contain login information. You can either copy the login information from the old files to the new files, or you can copy any new elements from the new files into the old files. Whichever method you choose, the deploy.config and login.xml files should contain your login information and any new elements from the updated version.



Thanks for your warning there.

I can't find that bit in the Help - Could you share the url you were looking at ?



That's right, in the absence of an active subscription to a premium connector, the standard connectors such as Notification, will stop working at the end of January.

With regards to the changes listed on the help site, i guess it's fair to say that this is a high level view of what's gone on. I would always refer to the Release Notes, which describes in details changes to all connectors as well as the core part of the product. Looking at the release notes there are some changes to this connector.

If you follow the upgrades notes on the help site, the process should be fairly straight forward.



Thanks for your feedback, which i will relay to the team as we develop the product moving forward.

Out of interest, do you use this product with Qlik Sense, Qlik View or both?