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AJAXZfc on QVS v10 and QVS v8.5

Hi Folks,


I'm facing the next problem.


If I call my report on my QlikView 10 Server with the next URL  http://server/qvajaxzfc/opendoc.htm?document=apps/Cadenas_Pest.qvw Its works perfect, but if I call it using the same URL but using my QlikView Server 8.5 it doesn't work.


Exist a diferent way to call a qvw using AJAXzfc on version 8.5 or on version 10???


Thanks in advance.

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Contributor II
Contributor II

the way it is work on 8.5 is quite different there is no access-point you should generate the html files from the developer and you should check the configuration if iis and qvs are on same machine or not

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i have same problem .

When i will run the .qvw file. Its running perfectly on local server.


When run the same url in internet it shows error like this

"Failed to Authenticate"

"Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document."

Please anyone help me to resolve this issue..