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Contributor III

Accespoint in different server


We currently have QVS and QVWS in same server and we decided to move the webserver to a different server to avoid CPU consuming users.

To do so, I installed QVS, QVWS and directory connector in the new server, copied the config.xml to the new server and configured the webserver in the management concole (screenshoot attached)

We don't knwow if we should do something else... can we have booth webservers at the same time? Should we close the old one? Should we move the QVW files to the new server? In that case how should we point to that new folder?


Many thanks!


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes, the point is that I don't have these config in the second server...




You should never have two QMC services installed in the same system.

Running two QMC services will brake the system.

You also don't need to have a second QVS on the webserver node.  And unless you have 2 servers in your license one of the QVS will go to "off duty" state.

To use the second webserver you have to use the url to that server. QlikView will not load balance between the webservers.

But the webserver will load balance between the two QVS (If you have license for two and keep the second QVS)

I found an old article on this