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Announcing the Meta Model Tool

We are happy to announce the availability of a new QlikView application called the Meta Model that effectively scans your QlikView deployment and creates a central repository of the relevant meta data around that deployment.  If you read this blog post on QlikView meta data, you will see a MetaScanner application in the meta scanner layer which is this new tool.  The blog post is a good post to start to understand how this tool can help you.

With the changes in QVv10 SR2 which is required, the Meta Model is now ready.  We have created a dedicated users group within the community that has the latest version as well as supporting materials.  Please feel free to join the group (read the announcement posted on the user group before getting started) and we would love to get your feedback and collaboration:

  • To ensure that it is working as expected
  • What enhancements you would like to see
  • Post your applications based on the Meta Model itself; there is a sample application that uploaded in the documents area of the user group

The group is open for all and please post all comments, questions, etc. about the Meta Model on that particular user group - Thanks!

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