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Are users groups used elsewhere than in the documents authorization settings?

In QlikView server management console, the directory service connector always lists both groups and users. For example it is possible to select a group instead of an user when assigning named cal however it is useless since no one can log in as a group. The only place I can think of where it is useful to use groups is in the documents authorization settings when in DMS to authorize several users at once. Is there another place where the use of groups is useful? Is there any need for groups when the QVS is in NTFS authorization mode?

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When QVS is in NTFS mode, Active Directory or local Windows groups are used to control authorization.


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In NTFS authorization mode, windows groups are used to control authorization but this is done automatically by the operating system, isn't it?

My question was about when the qlikview server administrator has to manually reference groups in the management console. For example, if the DSC is connected to the local directory, it is possible to assign a named CAL to a group (since the DSC lists both users and groups). Although it is possible it is not really useful since no user will ever logged into the access point as a group.

So my question is: except for the authorization tab of the documents page, where is it useful/needed to use groups instead of users?