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Chrome vs. Firefox / AJAX performance?

Hi all,

I am interested in opinions and experiences regarding the QlikView/AJAX performance of Chrome and Firefox.

Did you find one of them to be faster or are there any differences in their behaviour?

At least both of them seem to be faster than IE (even in newer versions) as already discussed e.g. here:

Qlikview in IE and Chrome

thanks in advance



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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi Marco, u

It is a good question and always we try to select the best navegator, but not always we could use the one we want because of the project or because the client that use some navigator predefinided.

In my opionion i am a big fun using  IE Plugin, and if i can i use it always.

I know that in some cases it is very difficuld because you have to install in the server and in each computer to see the results, but gives the posibility to work with macros that always will work ok.

If you want see this

From my opinion we have to select the best option ever and try to adapt to the navigator we had choose

Good luck


Creator II
Creator II

Upgrade to the latest service pack. If not, view post linked below, may help.