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Continuous Integration with Qlickview Scripts & Dashboards

Has anyone setup continuous integration with QlikView scripts & Dashboards? Whats kind of process models have work for you in the past with setting up and using Git/Jenkins "Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery"? I was not able to find any best practice specific to QlikView.

I have already setup the process of pulling QlikView scripts into the QVW using the $(Must_Include=..\Scripts\ScriptNmae.qvs and the reloading data using EXECUTE "C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" "..\..\QlikViewWorksheet.qvw" /R Along setting XML Dashboard with the -prj folder extension.

I really want to get setup using a GitHub / Jenkins solution but was hoping to leverage the community experience to deliver "Continuous Integration" into the QlikView Access Point (Production Ready Reports).

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I'm curious if you've had any progress in this area?

We currently have an automated deployment system for QlikView documents using a collection of scripts and git, but it still requires a user to manually initiate and remain logged in while it executes.

I'd like to fully automate the deployment through Jenkins, so any details on what you've found would be great.

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We are currently working thought the process now and have yet to get it fully setup for unattended QlikView Reloads without the use of a QlikView Server.

Normally you would use QlikView Server to reload the .QVW on a schedule but it requires that the QlikView server have access to the source data that feeds the QVW. Because of security requirements we cannot grant the QlikView server access to the source data.

The current idea is to use BMC BladeLogic Server Automation to have the QlikView Application reload the source data into the .QVW. We are currently running into issue with Interact with Desktop and how BladeLogic RSCD agent can setup the QlikView Prompts during its first run under a user id.

I will post more as we work thought all the issues.

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Hi Padgett,
Thanks for discussing such a useful topic in this forum.

May I ask you, is there any update to the above problems you faced.

I am trying to attempt continuous Integration in our project, So would like to take some help from you.

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Hi Mulder

You have mentioned that you had been using some collection of scripts and git.
Could you please explain what you have used.
This would be very helpful for us.

Thanks in advance


This a great topic, but this thread is stale.  I am new to Qlik Sense and thinking that there must be a way to build a CI/CD pipeline and include some basic automated testing within the promotion workflow.  I found the Qlik Deployment Framework and I have seen mention of a Deployment Console that is no longer supported.

Seems like I can use the QDF to structure my repositories, GIT to manage my source code, but how about automating the workflow, so that a check-in can trigger a rebuild, deployment and execute automated tests?  After manual testing then a one click promotion of all artifacts to production?

The original post mentioned Jenkins, seems like a great starting point.

Can anyone chime in on current best practices and assets we can leverage in building a continuous deployment pipeline for Qlik Sense?

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I am interested in same but have not been able to find anything


I've done this with QlikView...not sure if this works for Sense.

For command line build: Instead of qv.exe with /R, use QMSEDX (see Trigger QV Task using command line arguments)

For triggering rebuild based on check-in you could try to configure Jenkins to poll GIT repo.

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Hi Joel,  I am interested in testing qvws with Continuous integration. Could you please tell us your experience?

Do you set up directly Jenkins with GIT? Which version of Qlikview? 11 or 12?

Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone tried to implement this? What successes?