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Data Connections disappeared in the Data load editor


My connections to ODBC connections and API's connections "disappeared" in Qlik Sense (Nov 2018 version), in the load editor view. I can't use it anymore (the database is up and running and credentials are OK).

They are still visible  in QMC/Data Connections..

In debug mode, the connection fails (probably because the connection is "unknown"?).


If I make a copy of the data connection, it works for a short time, and it disappears again.

I thought it was sort of a cache problem, but I can't find anything to clear it for ODBC connectors.

Does someone has an idea? Or already had this issue?


Thanks guys for your precious help!

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Thanks for your answer!


The problem came from the "DataConnection" Security rule in the QMC.

The only possibility I had was to create a database, not seeing all of them; so we add the "Read" rights.

Now I am able to see the data connections!