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Difference between Documents and Distribution


What is the difference between Documents and Distribution tab in QMC > Users > User Management.

Always I could see the different list of applications in these tabs for a user/group.


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  • Documents shows you the lists of both user documents and source documents to which the selected user/group has been granted access.
  • Distributions will show you the list of tasks that will distribute a document to the selected user/group and why this distribution is allowed (match column).

The two show entirely different things.


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Thanks Peter Cammaert

Please explain in detail about "Documents" tab. I am still not clear about this.

I know about source and user documents, but how do we grant access to these docs.We have LDAP configured for Authorization.


The Source Documents column usually lists all documents found in the Source Documents folder(s), mainly because the decision who will get access to which document will only be taken later on when QDS publishes User Documents. YMMV.

The User Documents column lists documents to which the selected user/group has been granted access. How do you grant access to documents? There are a few methods. The most important ones are:

  • Explicitly by listing users/groups in de Authorization tab in Documents->User Documents. You do not need a Publisher task to achieve this. Note that your QVS must be an Enterprise Edition server, and security must be set to DMS. Otherwise this tab will not be available.
  • By way of Publisher tasks. In the Distribute tab of each task, set the method of distribution and the users to which this document will be available.