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Dynamic CAL assignment of QlikView Server 11


  On the Qlikvew Server 11 QMC I have set the CALs to "Allow dynamic CAL assignment".For a document when a user had visited it ,it would  add the user to the "Assigned Users" items.But other users will not be allowed to visit the document when the counts is more than the number of the Doc CALs you have set for the document.This is not my intention.Is there any way to release the Doc CALs Automatically for other users to  visit the document?

2 Replies

You want the functionality of a session CAL for the price of the document cal?

I don't think that's feasible 😉

Even if you want to remove a user manually, there is a quarantine if the first user has just logged off recently, so you can't re-assign the license immediately to another user.

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Thanks a lot.It means I have to remove a user manually and wait for 24 hours to re-assign the license to add another user.