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Email alerts not working with QMC

Hello everyone,

In an application, I have put an alert  which sends me an email after the reload is completed.

It doesn't work anymore when I copy the application on my production server and when my application is reloaded from QMC.

What can I do ?

Any ideas ?

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Interesting, it may be something with my qlikview service account running the services - as my batch job does not work with it. Though, it's set up with the same admin rights as myself.

I'll let you know if i find anything

Creator III
Creator III


If you want the alerts you've setup in your local document to work on the accesspoint/publisher enviroment.

You'll need to mark the "Batch" mode.

The info on "Mode" available in that fancy help button:

In the Mode group you can check the relevant options in order to define an alert as an Interactive (automatic triggers in layout) and/or as an alert relevant for external programs running QlikView in Batch mode (command line execution), e.g. QlikView Publisher, via the special Automation API for Batch triggers. If none of the check boxes in this group are marked, the alert can still be manually checked via macros.

,KR Koen

PS: If you solved your question, please share your anszer and mark this post as solved.


I ran into the same issue and solved the problem this way.

1. Koen Bal response here was helpful about checking the Batch check box.

2. We setup the mail server settings under the QlikView desktop USER preference settings.And it is highly likely that the developer USER account is different than what is being used by the QMC which is usually a service account. Therefore, when my Alerts were working fine under my desktop version but not working under the QMC, I open my QlikView desktop as the service account user (by SHIFT-Right Click the QV.exe). Opened my Alert file and provided the mail server settings in the USER preference settings. Saved the file and ran the QMC job again. The Alerts started working from QMC.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Sohali.

I have question that you did the smtp mail setup in QMC and using Alerts in .qvw file or smtp setup is done in .qvw file itself?

In the case of smtp setup in .qvw file ---> using the service account and pasword in Qlikview user preferences--> Mail. Every month service account password is changing. So,  we cant update the password in production qvws.  Please suggest/help. Thanks in advance



I setup both Alert and SMTP setup within the QVW file.

1. Open the QVW file by opening the QlikView AS the Service Account. (by SHIFT-Right Click the QV.exe).

2. For Qlikview user preferences--> Mail settings, use a mail account that uses a constant password and doesn't change.

3. Setup you Alerts as you want.

(Note that we are using two different accounts here: One for smtp setup and other is your service account.)

Save the file and publish to production. After that, even if the service account password changes it will keep working.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thnaks sohali. I will try it. Please help on my requirement.
We have one requirement that sending an task failure alerts of a dashboard using a self subscribing emails.

We are the owners of server. we are working as a shared services. our server is using different development teams. We have to send the dashboard task failure alerts to.the owners of dashboard development teams.
Development team A dashboard task failure alerts.sends to only team A. we have to send the alerts by dynamically changing/adding email recipients.
Note: All of Development teams is not email groups.

How we can do this in Qlikview..



Let’s say you have a sales dashboard that needs to send email to sales@company.com upon failure to load, and a finance dashboard that needs to send email to finance@company.com upon failure to load. There are couple of ways you can achieve this.

Method 1:

  1. Create a QVW file that only has an Alert that sends email sales@company.com that your dashboard has failed to load.
  2. Within the QMC, setup a separate task using the QVW in the above step. Create a dependency for this task where it will only execute if the sales dashboard refresh task fails.
  3. This way only sales dept. will get the failure email. Repeat the same process for finance dashboard separately.

Method 2:

There is some native error handling within QlikView that you can use. For e.g. check the native variables like ScriptErrorCount, ScriptError, ScriptErrorList. In order to use these variables, please turn on the ErrorMode variable in both your sales and finance dashboard scripts. Then using the ScriptErrorCount variable you can put a conditional Alert within both of your QVW file to send email to sales or finance, if ScriptErrorCount > 0. Therefore, each QVW will generate an Alert only to their own group when they fail on QMC.

Hope this will help.

Thank you,

Creator III
Creator III

The issue for me was that the Mail preferences were set up after creating the task. As per Ronnie's solution, I simply clicked on "Apply" in the task and it worked. Thank you.