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Contributor II

Error : could not connect to loaded file + unknown reasons (e=14)


I am facing an error I have never seen before. We are running Qlikview 12.40.20200.0 SR2 (April 2019) and one particular qvw, one user can suddenly not open the report on the access point any more. He gets an error message saying "Failed to open document, for unknown reasons".

In the logs, I was able to find the following:

Information Ticket created: Ticket (123) for DOMAIN\user.
Information Ticket Lookup: Ticket 123 was found.
Information Server: Document Load: Beginning open of document
Information System: Document Load - ODE1: Document C:/XXX.qvw, AuthenLev(2). Authuser()
Information System: Server - UpdateSharedFile: updating DONE for document C:\XXX.QVW (elapsed time: 156 ms)
Error Server - ConnectToLoaded: Could not connect to loaded file XXX.QVW.
Warning Document Load: The document C:XXX.qvw failed to load for unknown reasons (e=14) [-1].

I did the following so far:


I have around 200 users on this report and only one is having this issue. I know he creates a lot of objects though. Could it be one cause of the issue?

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HI @Jjotavve,

Is Section Access enabled on the QVW?  If yes, does the end user in question have the appropriate access to QVW?  You could test by temporarily removing SA and see if end user can open it.  Also, could be a .Shared/.Tshared file issue.  Are you seeing any .Shared/.Tshared file errors in the QVS Event logs?  Have you tried cleaning the .Shared/.Tshared file?  You can test to see if it's .Shared/.Tshared file related by temporarily renaming the current .Shared/.Tshared file appending an .old to file name so that a new .Shared/.Tshared file created, then see if user can open the QVW.


Best Regards

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi @Chip_Matejowsky ,


Yes, section access is enabled and the user in question has access. It was working fine until last Friday at least. It is difficult to remove the section access altogether because this report has about 200 users and some data should not be seen by all of them. I could however copy the report to another server, maybe?

I already purged the shared file and there is no Tshared file on this report, and the only error I could find in the log about the shared file was this one:

Error Server - ConnectToLoaded: Could not connect to loaded file XXX.QVW.

It only happens when this user tries to open this qvw. 😕