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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Governance DashBoard First Reload ERROR SOE

Hi community,

I have a problem with GDB_ 2.0.5

I not change anything. Default settings (Attached capture1).

When reload, show a error message: "Table SOE not found". I debbug but not find the problem... Someone can help me, please? 

*The path documents contain QVDs

Reload log:



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Former Employee
Former Employee

The issue is pretty much as explained in the log, the SOE table is not being created in the script and therefore causing an issue when we try to resident load from it...  SOE stands for Sheets, Objects and Expressions, so if I had to guess as to what has occurred, your .qvw files likely have moved locations it would appear, as I do cannot see that this error should occur otherwise.  If that is not the case, you need to recheck your Configuration sheet and be sure the file path for List of File Paths to Scan is correct and that any Files & Folders to Exclude are not causing an issue.  About the best I have, would recommend you open a Support Case with us if this does not help, so one of the Techs can have a direct look at things to try to figure out why it is failing in that case.

Oh, if you want to have a direct look yourself, you can edit the script in the GDB app these days, look for the SOE tab, that is where things are having an issue, so if it is easier to look through the script to try to figure things out, that should help as well.  Sorry I do not have anything better for you.



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