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Creator III
Creator III

Governance dashboard 2.0.2 fails


We are using Governance dashboard 2.0.2 in our (DEV/UAT/PROD) .

We have scheduled this dashboard to run from QMC . It works fine in UAT environment ( everything is exact same as PROD) .

However almost everyday it fails in PROD environment with the following error message.


            2018-11-06 01:00:45 0001

              2018-11-06 01:00:45 0000 SessionConcurrency qvd not found - will create it.

              2018-11-06 01:00:45 0001

              2018-11-06 01:00:45      Error: Error in hidden script

              2018-11-06 01:00:45      Execution Failed

              2018-11-06 01:00:45      Execution finished.

whenever we have failure I manually ran this job and it works fine, even if I do not see "SessionConcurrency qvd" under profile folder.

Not sure why it fails from QMC but works manual run, something very weird.

Could you please share your thoughts how to fix this issue.


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This article will give tips on how to troubleshoot this particular issue:


You state that it fails in the QMC but works when ran "Manually", but what do you mean by "Manually"? Are you talking about running the GovDash from the QMC manually, or running it through Desktop?  If you're running in Desktop, then you're using a different account to run the reload (most likely) and access all of the files/logs which get reloaded. So, I would look into permissions for the given service account.


Also, you state that it fails on the QVGD_SessionConcurrency_2.0.2.qvd, so it may be worth monitoring that file/location with a 3rd party tool like ProcMon:

Former Employee
Former Employee

Here is a link to the latest Governance Dashboard app, and the script is NOT hidden in this version, which should make troubleshooting much easier for you as well:

Here is link to the Release Notes too:

Hopefully this will allow you to get things figured out and move forward.  Oh, and the link above does say 2.0, but when you download and open the QVW, on the main sheet, you will see the version in the upper right corner of the sheet, and that should indicate 2.0.5.


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