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Hide blank charts while Printing Reports?

Hello Pros,

I have a Pivot chart and linked reports of this in the reports. When I print reports, if I dont have any data in the chart, I dont want that to be printed. But it prints the blank page with just the header of the chart on the page (wasting paper). Is there any way to avoid this as the paper is wasted everytime we print reports. I have like 20 types of reports and every time I print, I waste about 5 papers.

In short can we escape from printing the charts without any data? In QV9 SR5, 64 Bit?

Thanks in Advance,


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I have also the same problem. I still could not solve it. But I think we should use a condition. The condition field for the report.

I checked again, if you find something then post it.


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Looks like QT needs to find a solution for this issue..and claim its a Green Technical App 🙂

I dint find any solution using conditions...




Did you get this figured out?  I'm struggling with the same issue.

I tried adding a calculation condition to the table but then get the "Calculation Condition not met" printed on the "empty" page.

The I tried the same as the above but with no Caption, same result as above, except now without table headings.

Then I added a Conditional Show expression on the Layout tab for every item on the report, that resulted in the same number of pages, but now the ones I wanted to be suppressed were printing blank.

This could be a solution if you are not using page numbers and remove the blank pages from the printed report (atleast you can reuse those pages again ).

Will keep on trying and let you know if I get it figured out...

Let me know if you get to suppress the "empty" pages