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How to get the the current online user in QMS Service API?

Hi Experts

   I need a way to obtain the the current online user in QMS Service API in my project. If there is, could you please tell me? Thanks a lot. Screenshot is as follow:


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Master II
Master II

I don't think is possible through powertools, might be possible through API but not sure.


i thing the figure provided by you itself depict the no of current online users.

need to count them

as per screen there are two user accessing your app.

Someone can correct me if i am wrong.

Hope this help

Sunil Chauhan

There is a way in the API, however I have not tried it yet. The GetQVSDocumentsAndUsers(Guid qvsID, QueryTarget target) method returns a dictionary, of what I think is a straight list of documents, and for each item a sub-list of users on each document. Return type is Dictionary<String, List<String>>.

That is in the 11 IR API, anyways.