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How to keep track of "new" Field value that is added daily/weekly/monthly?

Additional ProductID.PNG

As shown by Table A and B, I have fields in respective tables that gets added

when a new ProductID or Contract NO is added in the data source. But there is

no dimension that "indicates" that a new ProductID or ContractNO has been added.

Usually this addition is made easier to identify with a transaction date, but we do not

have that field. The only way to know that a new ID or ContractNO has been introduced

is by the field itself. Each ProductID & ContractNO are unique. But then again, unique within

their table only. Below is their relatioship.

ProductID Contract NO

A         A-101

A         A-102

B         B-101

B         B-102

What I need is after reloading at any time during the day,

I want a straight table to be populated with 3 fields as in the

pic below, if there has been a new ProductID and or Contract NO.

Can this be done? So basically if a new field value for above 2 exists,

the reload should populate this straight table. And in coourse of time,

for eg, in a month, I should have a Table with multiple lines populated.

Additional ProductID_2.PNG

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Add the "date added" while loading the data from table & store into qvd. In the next load, load the qvd first & use where not exists function to load the latest data.