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How to move QVW files without losing the Scheduled Tasks

I have 2 folder structures configured in my Publisher structure... 'Prod' and 'Test'. As part of the implementation process I move the applications from the Test folder to the Prod folder, but this causes the tasks under the Test folder to show up as orphans and no tasks to appear under the Prod folder.

Is there a simple method within publisher/server to move files and tasks to a new folder?

Any assistance would be appreciated,

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in 11 you can use the copy - paste function on each qvw.

You can add the new location for the files to Distribution Service, then copy each task and paste them onto the new qvw file.

This way you atleast don´t have to re-do all of it.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

If you are doing for all the files of the's really very easy...

Just change the path from TEST to PROD will make the tasks to point prod .