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How to provide application access to thousands of users at once?

Hi there,

I have a scenario in the current project which states that access to the applications in Accesspoint should be given to thousands of users/customers at once.

I knew that named cals, document cals are to be assigned one after one.

I am a bit flustered at giving access to thousand plus user at once.

Can somebody please help me out.

Thanks in Advance.

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Champion III
Champion III


Once you have sufficient License and after you distribute your application to required users.

All of them can access application with no time.

Just make sure you have enough License and allocate dynamic cal is selected.



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Thanks Ashfaq.

Got it.

Creator III
Creator III

You can try this licence "QlikView Information Access Server (IAS)"

QlikView IAS is a QlikView Server that is licensed for an uncapped number of

users, but limited to a single QlikView document. QlikView IAS runs in

anonymous mode and must be publically accessible without authentication (on

the public Internet), that is, it must not be placed behind a firewall. No

QlikView client can access QlikView IAS – the user interface must be built by

the end user either manually or by using QlikView WorkBench.

Note! There is no license lease from QlikView IAS.